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Our Medical Concierge Services Ensure Personalized Care

As part of the MDVIP Program, Internal Medicine Consultants of York is proud to offer medical concierge services in York County for our patients’ convenience. Dating back to the 1990s, concierge medicine refers to the relationship existing between a patient and their primary health care provider in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer in addition to regular medical fees. In exchange for this retainer, the primary health care provider offers an enhanced quality of personalized care, limiting his or her patient loads to ensure that he or she can be available to give each patient an adequate amount of his or her time. The number of U.S. physicians offering this type of service has grown significantly over the years, and it’s now becoming more affordable for the average working class and not just the wealthy.

Concierge services

Committed to Creating the Best Patient Experience Possible

Thanks to our commitment to provide medical concierge services for our York County patients, IMC is able to offer an unprecedented level of personalized care and attention. We can focus on your individual health and wellness, spending more time with you to develop preventive health and wellness plans so that you enjoy the best possible patient experience every time you visit our office. Medical concierge services also make same-day appointments possible whenever you require urgent medical care. To learn more about how our medical concierge services work or to inquire about the retainer fee involved, please feel free to contact Internal Medicine Consultants of York.

Now Accepting New Patients for IMC, Aesthetics, and MDVIP